Registration FAQ


I am about to register for the event. Which option should I choose?

  1. Coupons are issued by the Site Admins to grant entry to the event. They could be given out as a Prize from a previous event, or as an incentive to first time attendees, or any other reason the Admins might desire. If you have been given a coupon, you'll know it.
  2. Friend Codes are issued by the site when an attendee buys multiple tickets. This option should be used if someone else paid your entry fee and has given you a code.
  3. Buying new tickets allows you to arrange your prepayment. Tickets are primarily used for Event access, but can also be used for the purchase of drinks, shirts, or other items that may be available at the event. If multiple Event tickets are purchased, one ticket will be used to mark the buyer as paid and additional tickets generate a random, one-time use Friend Code that will be sent to the email in the buyers profile.
  4. Sign up and pay later allows you to register your intention to attend the event, but nothing more. Choosing this option means that you can not reserve a seat, and can not take advantage of any available prepay discount. Making this selection effectively places you on a first-come/first-serve waiting list if un-paid seats are still available on the day of the LAN. We highly recommend you use this option only as a last resort.

I registered for the LAN, but now I can't make it! What do I do?

Just go to the Events page and click "Cancel Signup" to remove your name from the list and open your seat to another attendee.

But I paid too! Can I have my money back?

No. However, if you give us notice in advance of the LAN, we are generally willing to transfer your payment to a future event.

I'm a huge procrastinator, but I want to prepay for the LAN! Why is my ticket $15?

The prepay discount is not available within 36 hours of the event. Since LANs begin at Noon on Saturday, you must prepay before Midnight on Thursday in order to get the discount.


An important note about the Seating Chart!

While every effort will be made to adhere to seating as selected by the attendees, we reserve the right to require attendees to relocate at the Admins discretion.  This will primarily be necessary only in situations where the current seating arrangement results in circuit overload and/or failure.

Why can't I occupy a seat?

Because you haven't paid your entry fee.

What is the difference between 'Occupied' and 'Reserved'?

You Occupy your own seat, and can Reserve seats for your friends.
'Occupied' means that a seat has been chosen by an attendee who has prepaid for the LAN. This seat can not be taken away or lost.
'Reserved' means that an attendee has temporarily set aside this seat so it will be available for a friend. The person the seat was reserved for must register and choose to Occupy the seat, or the Reserved seat will revert back to Available status.

I selected a seat, but now I want a different one!

On the seating chart, you must first select your current seat, and then click 'Release'. Then you are free to Occupy any other available seat.

Am I required to select a seat?

No. It is just a benefit of prepaying that allows you to secure a section of the LAN for you and your buddies. If you have paid, you will have a seat waiting for you, whether you select one on the chart or not.

I reserved a seat for my friend, but it's the wrong one!

Reservations automatically expire after 12 hours, at which time the seat will become available again.

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