10/20 Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to game with us yesterday!

We had a total attendance just north of 30.  We went outside for a fun game of bombardment.  We had a 2v2 CS:GO tournament thanks to FroHawK, 4v4 Lead And Gold arranged by BobSmooth, and Quake III Corkscrew mod with help from The_Ghost.

We gave out over 100 game keys through swag bags and other prizes, and we awarded a bunch of physical prizes, too.  Pictures of all the winners and other event photos can be found in this gallery.  I also put up videos of the bombardment game on youtube.

We probably won't make plans for our next event until after the holidays, but we'll try to run the occasional contest for some of these remaining game codes between events.  As always, you'll find the latest information available on the site, on Facebook, on Google+, or our Steam group!

Happy gaming!