Magic LAN returns this weekend!

Greetings gamers!

Are you prepared for the glorious return of your favorite gaming event?  Magic LAN is rising from the dead this weekend for our "April, Fools!" LAN!  Our new location in Mackinaw gives us plenty of space and power, a significantly improved internet connection, and a location that is central to both Peoria and Bloomington.

Some other things you might want to know about the event:

Titanfall 2 is having a free weekend!  This fast paced shooter is full of parkour action and giant robots.  It's an all around good time, and thanks to some new content releasing this weekend everyone gets to play.  It will be available for download on Origin starting sometime later today.

We've had a lot more game suggestions in our forum thread for the event. Overwatch, Rocket League, Nuclear Dawn, Suicide Survival, Dead By Daylight, Minecraft, Unturned, Ghost Recon Wildlands, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Insurgency, Lead and Gold, Depth, The Ship, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Helldivers, and more... Point is, there will plenty of options for everyone.

Since this is a new location for us, we've created a map to help everyone with parking in appropriate locations.  You'll find it on the event page and posted to our Facebook group.  I'll probably print it out for the event.  It's pretty straightforward, so no one should be trying to park like it's GTAV, alright?  Remember rule #1 and be excellent to each other. Don't block anyone in or make things difficult for others in the area.

Also because this is a new location, please forgive any hiccups as we get settled in.  We're going to be literally dusting off the equipment, and our LAN skills might be a little rusty, in addition to any unexpected surprises the building layout could toss our way.  We intend to keep the circuits live and the network snappy, but if you have any issues please let us know so we can get it sorted out.

And finally - spread the word that we are back and gaming again!! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Bring the kids or siblings that used to get in the way of your precious game time but now are finally old enough to join in the fun! Tell your co-workers, tell your in-laws, tell the cashier at the grocery store, tell your postal worker, tell your dog, just grab them each by their face handles and make sure they know that the mighty days of the local LAN party are here again!

Happy gaming!

-The Magic LAN Staff